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4 Clear Signs It’s Time to Talk About Assisted Living

Assisted Living Valley, AZ: Talking About Assisted Living

One of the toughest challenges many adult children face when their mother or father gets older is figuring out when it’s time to discuss elder care. Assisted living is just one form of elder care, but it’s a good one.

However, if you don’t have prior experience supporting an elderly person or even accepting the sudden changes with your mother or father, it can be difficult to determine whether assisted living is something that should be considered now.

Below are four clear signs that now is the right time to begin talking about assisted living to that aging loved one in your life (whether it’s your spouse, parent, grandparent, sibling, or just a close friend).


Sign #1: The senior is losing weight.

Assisted Living Valley, AZ: Talking About Assisted Living
Assisted Living Valley, AZ: Talking About Assisted Living

Maybe you’ve noticed a change in their physical appearance for some time. You might have attributed it to slowing down physically. Yet, as time marches on, maybe this individual is losing weight and now it’s starting to be noticeable.

How do you know your mother or father is losing weight? If their clothes start getting baggy and loose. That’s usually a clear indication of weight loss. It may also be in the gaunt appearance of their face, the sagging skin, and the slimmer figure.

As people age, especially if they live alone, the risk of depression increases. Depression or depressive symptoms can cause somebody to stop eating or have a reduced appetite. It’s important that you not try to diagnose them yourself, but encourage them to visit their doctor because weight loss or even depressive symptoms could be caused by something else, including some side effects of prescription medications.


Sign #2: They forget to take medication.

Many seniors end up having a regiment of prescription medications. They might have to take certain pills in the morning, afternoon, evening, or even late at night before they go to bed.

If they’re starting to forget to take their medication, the staff at a quality assisted living community can help remind them when it’s time to take those important medications.

How can you determine if your mother or father is forgetting? Get a pill organizer that’s separated into morning, afternoon, and night, help him or her organize those at the start of the week, and then keep track of which ones they may have overlooked.


Sign #3: They are suffering injuries more lately.

These might be “minor” injuries, like twisting an ankle, getting bruises, or hurting their wrist because of a fall. Whatever the cause, that might be a sign they’re struggling to get around, especially if there are stairs in the house.

That is the optimal time to begin discussing elder care options, including assisted living.


Sign #4: Their hygiene is in decline.

If they are not bathing, shaving, or even brushing their teeth for taking care of those other necessities, they would do well at an assisted living community.

Poor hygiene isn’t always a sign of struggle, but it’s usually one that is too common among the elderly, especially as their physical abilities decline.

Don’t waste time if you notice several of these signs with your mother or father; start talking about assisted living now.

If you or an aging loved-one is considering a move to Assisted Living in Valley, AZ please contact the caring staff at MD Senior Living today. 480-267-9200


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