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Annalisa LaJeunesse

Operational Director
North Scottsdale Assisted Living North Scottsdale
Central Scottsdale Assisted Living Scottsdale Ranch
Phoenix Assisted Living 19th Pl. #1
Phoenix Assisted Living 19th Pl. #2
Phoenix Assisted Living 47th Place
Scottsdale Assisted Living 60th Street
Chateaux Arcadia Arcadia
The Valencia Home North Scottsdale

Brian Newton

Assistant Manager of Operations


Category: Assisted Living

Possible Tax Deductions for Assisted Living

When it comes to senior care, assisted living is a popular option for those who need some help with daily activities but don't require the round-the-clock medical attention of a nursing home. While assisted living can be a costly option,…

Assisted Living Helps Seniors Stay Healthy

As people age, many find themselves in need of assistance with everyday tasks. This can be especially true for those who have health conditions or disabilities that make it difficult to live independently. Assisted living is an alternative that provides…
Assisted Living

How Will Assisted Living Improve Your Senior Loved One’s Quality of Life?

As our elderly loved ones age, they need more and more help with everyday tasks. This can be both mentally and physically taxing for them, as well as their families. When considering senior care, assisted living can be the perfect…
Senior Living

Nursing Home and Assisted Living Costs: Tax Deductible or Not?

Nursing Home and Assisted Living Costs: Tax Deductible or Not? Nursing homes and assisted living facilities to provide essential care for elderly and disabled individuals who require assistance with daily living activities. However, many people are uncertain whether the costs…
Senior Living In Assisted Living Communities

Will My Loved One Have Roommates, Or Are Private Rooms Available In An Assisted Living Facility?

Will My Loved One Have Roommates, or Are Private Rooms Available in an Assisted Living Facility? As people age, completing daily activities like shopping, cooking, and managing medication can become increasingly challenging, but moving into an assisted living facility often…
Assisted Living Valley, AZ: Talking About Assisted Living

4 Clear Signs It’s Time to Talk About Assisted Living

One of the toughest challenges many adult children face when their mother or father gets older is figuring out when it’s time to discuss elder care.
Assisted Living Paradise, AZ: Moving Into Assisted Living

With Change May Come Guilt, but Convincing an Aging Loved One to Move to Assisted Living Should Not Be One of Its Causes

For adult children supporting aging parents through the difficult processes of elderly life, health issues, and even injuries or mental diseases like Alzheimer’s, those changes can produce guilt.
Assisted Living Carefree, AZ: Seniors and Alzheimer's

Ways to Help a Senior with Alzheimer’s Remain Engaged in Life and Active Mentally

When someone you love has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, it can feel as though the end of the world has come. Even if you don’t feel that dramatic, it is still difficult to handle.
Assisted Living Facility Senior Living

Concerns Or Problems In An Assisted Living Facility

How To Address Concerns or Problems in an Assisted Living Facility An assisted living facility can be a godsend for seniors and their families by providing various services to help seniors with their daily activities while preserving their independence. However,…
Assisted Living Cave Creek, AZ: Settling Into Assisted Living

A Few Ideas to Help Your Loved One Settle in to Assisted Living

For an aging loved one who has chosen assisted living, even if they were enthusiastic and excited about the idea, it might take time for them to adjust.

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