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Category: Features

Simple Blood Test Can Accurately Reveal Underlying Neurodegeneration (Dementia, ALS)

Incredible research is coming out of labs now, and this latest discovery is another prime example of preemptive health care emerging. A simple blood test can now determine the likelihood of someone coming down with dementia, a form of Alzheimer's.…

Alzheimer’s: Scientists discover ‘profound influence’ of immune cells on disease progression

Scientists have found a discovery that shows how microglia increases over time when they're in contact with harmful proteins located in the brain. These harmful proteins are linked to Alzheimer's and the microglia are used to fight off infections that…

20 Activities for Dementia Patients at Home

Connecting with other people and personal fulfillment is something all of us can benefit from, but activities with these characteristics can prove especially useful to individuals suffering from dementia. It has been scientifically proven that mentally stimulating activities and enriched…

The 6 lifestyle factors that can reduce your risk of dementia by half

Scientists have known for a number of years that genetics and lifestyle are two important factors that can lead to the onset of dementia. While we cannot do much about genetics, we can certainly influence our lifestyle to mitigate the…

5 Signs You Have Dementia and Aren’t Aging “Normally”

There are a few different signs that may show you aren't aging properly and could even possibly have dementia. One of the first signs is that you are forgetting recent events and/or information. You might also buy something and then…

Five early signs of dementia to watch out for

As people age, some of their faculties aren't what they used to be, but there are some signs that aren't typical of regular aging to watch out for. If you have an aging loved one, then seeing the early signs…

What exactly does successful aging mean, and what can I do to achieve it?

There is such a thing as successful aging, where we make sure that we are aging in a way that can prolong our life. Some define successful aging as not stressing about their age, they just live their life and…

What you need to know about aging eyes

The effects of aging can be felt throughout our body, but vision is perhaps the one thing where we can notice gradual decline. Blindness in adults is most commonly a result of aging, and once we get past 60, the…

Understanding family members’ grief for a living loved one

Individuals can mourn someone who is still alive, often due to an illness such as late-stage cancer or dementia. Women, the traditional caregivers, often feel this emotional pain the most. One would think that the pain of long-term grief would…

Alzheimer’s research takes leap forward with new discovery

When talking to your primary care physician about concerns you may have with your memory, you may want to ask how familiar he or she is with diagnosing dementia and whether there are circumstances in which they would refer you…

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