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Category: Seniors and Health Issues

Assisted Living Cave Creek, AZ: Medical Care and Assisted Living

How Much ‘Medical Care’ Could a Senior Receive at Assisted Living?

If you are a senior, you might be considering assisted living. It is a wonderful option, but what if you have certain medical needs that aren’t being met at home?
Assisted Living Fountain Hills, AZ: Arthritis Awareness Month

Three Ways Seniors with Arthritis Can Get Support at Assisted Living

May is Arthritis Awareness Month and for a senior who has been dealing with arthritis for many years, they understand how challenging and frustrating it can be.
Assisted Living Troon North, AZ: Seniors and Medications

If Mom Requires Many Medications and You’re Constantly Stressed, Assisted Living Is a Safer Alternative

If you’re taking care of your elderly mother, acting as her primary caregiver, and she has a large regimen of prescription medications it can feel overwhelming.
Assisted Living Scottsdale, AZ: Overnight Care and Seniors

Seniors Who Rely on Overnight Care at Assisted Living Often Have a More Positive Outlook on Life

Assisted living remains one of the best elder care options available for aging seniors, but too many simply don’t know what it offers, what it’s truly about, and equate it with other types of senior care.
Assisted Living Scottsdale, AZ: Brain Injury and Memory Care

Brain Injured Seniors Can Benefit from Memory Care Assisted Living

March is Brain Injury Awareness Month and there are many causes of brain injuries for people of all ages, including seniors.


Osteoporosis: As a follow-up to last month’s wonderful discussion about preventive care from Dr. Mel, we would like to discuss Osteoporosis this month. We have all experienced the fear and panic from receiving news of an elderly friend or family…

Assisted Living Could Be a Great Option for an Aging Senior with a Brain Injury

Brain injuries can happen to anyone at any time. However, as people age, the risk of certain injuries increases. That’s because health issues become more prevalent, but also because physical strength declines. As strength declines, balance problems increase. If an…

Handling Repetition from Your Elderly Loved One

As your elderly loved one gets older, they may start forgetting things. Whether this is due to dementia or aging, it can be tough on everyone. You and elderly care providers might find that your elderly loved one is repeating…

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