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Category: Social Seniors

Assisted Living Phoenix, AZ: Activities and Seniors

Three Activities Many Seniors at Assisted Living Truly Enjoy

It’s easy to assume when the topic of elder care comes up that this is the beginning of the end, but quality of life can actually improve for many seniors when they choose assisted living.
Assisted Living in Troon North, AZ: National Card and Letter Writing Month

How Can Writing Cards or Letters Be Helpful for Seniors at Assisted Living?

April is National Card and Letter Writing Month and for seniors who have chosen assisted living as their premier elder care option, there are numerous benefits to this once common activity.

Bust Stress by Treating Your Mom to a Fun Day Out

The weathers had you and your mom stuck inside for days or weeks. Seasonal allergies have had one of you feeling tired and cranky. It could simply be you haven't had a break in so long that you feel overwhelmed.…

The People You Meet at Assisted Living Could Become Some of the Best Friends You’ve Ever Had

Mary wasn’t the kind of person who liked to mingle. She was an introvert. Socially awkward, by her own admission. She struggled to meet new people and any time she was forced to attend a gathering where she didn’t know…

Getting Outdoors Can Do Wonders for the Mind, Body, and Spirit at Assisted Living

The weather is warming up. People are finally getting out and about again. Summer is in full swing. June is a wonderful time of year for people of all ages, including seniors. Some people believe that when an elderly person…

Summer’s Almost Here, and Assisted Living Offers Seniors a Wonderful Place to Enjoy It All

Spring is moving along. In some parts of the country, winter didn’t seem to want to relinquish its grip. The Northeast and the Northern Plains saw snow well into May. It was a difficult situation for millions of people, especially…

For Those Excited About Seeing Grandma at Assisted Living, Make Sure to Keep Her Safe Still

May is Family Reunion Month, but it may not feel like much to celebrate. Not this year. Even though some states are beginning to loosen up their stay-at-home restrictions, there’s a lot to be concerned about. For those at assisted…

Three Reasons Seniors Tend to Be Healthier at Assisted Living Rather Than Alone

You may immediately assume that assisted living should be a last resort for an aging loved one, like your mother or father, grandmother or grandfather, but is that really the case? Many people simply have the wrong idea about what assisted living…

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