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Janice Swanner

Janice Swanner, BSN, CHPN

Operational Director
North Scottsdale Assisted Living North Scottsdale
Central Scottsdale Assisted Living Scottsdale Ranch
Phoenix Assisted Living 19th Pl. #1
Phoenix Assisted Living 19th Pl. #2
(480) 605-4002

Brian Newton

Assistant Manager of Operations


Our Newest Location

Announcement Vintage Turquoise Seal Isolated On White

We’re happy to announce our purchase of Central Scottsdale Assisted Living last month. CSAL is a beautiful addition to our current four properties, located in Scottsdale at Shea and 96th Street. The home offers ten large private bedrooms, each with its own private bathroom. The current staff is a very experienced and caring team who have been there for multiple years. We have enjoyed getting to know the staff, residents, and their family members this past month. We look forward to continuing a tradition of great care at Central Scottsdale Assisted Living.


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