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Simple Blood Test Can Accurately Reveal Underlying Neurodegeneration (Dementia, ALS)

senior woman in a wheelchair carefully assisted by her nurse

Incredible research is coming out of labs now, and this latest discovery is another prime example of preemptive health care emerging. A simple blood test can now determine the likelihood of someone coming down with dementia, a form of Alzheimer’s. With just one biomarker, it can accurately determine a “neurodegeneration,” they can determine from it the likelihood of someone becoming affected in the future with a high degree of accuracy. It will also be beneficial for Down syndrome in future effects.

Key Takeaways:

  • A biomarker can be used to help services identify and screen issues due to neurodegeneration.
  • Neurofilament lights can be a promising and non-invasive way for identifying people with cognitive disorders.
  • Age cut-offs for Nfls are an important benchmark that can help doctors identify issues.

“Neurodegenerative diseases are debilitating conditions that result in ongoing degeneration or death of nerve cells, leading to problems in thought, attention, and memory.”

Read more: https://scitechdaily.com/simple-blood-test-can-accurately-reveal-underlying-neurodegeneration-dementia-als/


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