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Janice Swanner

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Lorie Horton

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Tag: Assisted Living Carefree AZ

Assisted Living Carefree, AZ: Independence and Elder Care

Ways Seniors Can Still Feel Independent While Relying on Elder Care

There are ways to help aging men and women in your life still feel independent, even when they have chosen something like assisted living for their future.

When Discussing Assisted Living with Mom, Are You Listening Enough? (Hint: Many of Us Don’t)

Many adults who witness their parents or grandparents getting older worry about their safety, health, well-being, and even the place they call home.

Does a Senior Need to Let Go of a Lifetime of Memories When Moving to Assisted Living?

Moving is stressful for anyone. It doesn’t matter whether this is forced, coerced, or something a person has been looking forward to for years. Moving can cause a significant amount of stress no matter your age. For a senior making…

The People You Meet at Assisted Living Could Become Some of the Best Friends You’ve Ever Had

Mary wasn’t the kind of person who liked to mingle. She was an introvert. Socially awkward, by her own admission. She struggled to meet new people and any time she was forced to attend a gathering where she didn’t know…

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