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3 Steps to Improve Safe Bathing for Seniors in the Bathroom

Assisted Living Phoenix, AZ: Safe Bathing for Seniors

3 Steps to Improve Safety for an Aging Senior in the Bathroom

Worrying about the safety and health of a family member, friend, or other elderly loved one can be taxing. You might be considered a family caregiver, supporting this individual on a regular basis already.

Yet, you understand you can’t be there all the time looking after them. There are going to be moments when mishaps are possible and a slip can turn devastating. The bathroom (along with the kitchen) are two of the most dangerous rooms in any house.

If you’re concerned about the safety of an aging parent, grandparent, spouse, or even yourself, there are steps you can encourage them to take that can make an incredible difference. Let’s look at three steps right now, especially considering that January is Bath Safety Month.


1: Consider assisted living.

Assisted Living Phoenix, AZ: Bathroom Safety
Assisted Living Phoenix, AZ: Bathroom Safety

It’s easy to assume assisted living is for a different type of individual, but it is for active seniors who want to remain independent and autonomous, but who worry about their safety, and no longer wish to worry about general cleaning and maintenance of a home, and so forth.

How is assisted living going to improve bathroom safety or safety in general? Well, most of the bathroom facilities are going to have grab bars and nonslip surfaces in the showers or tubs as well as experienced staff members who can assist at any given time.

Yes, a person can install grab bars or have them installed in their own bathroom, but instead of renovating the home for a senior, they can move into a community surrounded by peers their own age, maybe even friends they haven’t spoken to in years.

Assisted living is a great option that helps to improve safety for many elderly men and women who choose it.


2: Use those grab bars, when available.

It’s great to have grab bars around the toilet or in the tub or shower, but if you never use them, what’s the point? Yes, when a person slips, they often reach out for something, anything to grab onto. Yet, for an aging senior whose strength may not be what it used to be, grabbing onto those bars while getting into and out of the shower or tub or when easing down and getting back up from the toilet can be a great way to improve safety.

People lose muscle as they get older, even if they work out regularly. Instead of relying only on their leg strength, an elderly person can use their entire body to maintain their balance while doing these seemingly simple and innocuous tasks.


3: Ask for assistance when it’s needed.

It’s not easy for everyone to ask for help, but as you get older, pride needs to be set aside for safety’s sake. If an elderly person does not feel safe, if they don’t feel strong with their legs, their upper body, their arms, and so forth, they should be able to reach out to somebody for help.

If they’re living alone, they may have to wait until a family caregiver gets there, but at assisted living, they can simply call a staff member for help. These are just a few ways that help to improve safety for seniors as they age.

If you or an aging loved one is considering a move to Assisted Living in Phoenix, AZ please contact the caring staff at MD Senior Living today. 480-267-9200


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