Janice Swanner

Janice Swanner, BSN, CHPN

The Valencia Home North Scottsdale
North Scottsdale Retreat North Scottsdale

Janice has been manager for both the Valencia Home and North Scottsdale Retreat and brings her expertise in the nursing field to provide compassionate care for her residents. She has extensive training in hospice and palliative care and works as an advocate promoting her client's wishes and making sure their needs are adequately addressed. She is beloved with her residents due to her warm and nurturing nature.

Geraldine Bacon

Valencia 60th Street
Valencia 47th Place

Geraldine received her B.S. in Hospitality Management from Centro Escolar University in the Philippines and continued her education in both the U.S. and Australia. In 2013 Geraldine relocated to Arizona, where her family has a long history of owning and operating a seasoned and reputable residential care home. Living in Arizona has allowed Geraldine to pursue her dreams of providing impeccable and compassionate care to the senior population. Being raised by her beloved grandparents developed her belief that true happiness comes through making a difference in the lives of the elderly population. Geraldine is a ray of sunshine and a motivational optimist and we are overjoyed for her to be part of our great team at MD Senior Living.

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