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Physician Oversight

Physician Oversight. Better Care

When it comes to the care of our residents, more attention is better. That’s why we created a unique program offering a higher standard of care based on oversight from our Physician Ownership Team.

While all of our residents benefit from a relationship with their primary physician, the rapid pace of today’s healthcare system limits the time and attention that can be provided by a primary physician. As seniors experience a greater need for medical oversight based on the challenges of aging, we believe additional attention and oversight from our Physician Ownership Team offers our residents a unique level of care typically unavailable to seniors.  

A doctor showing a medical records of the senior.

Chronic Disease Management Program


At MD Senior Living, our Chronic Disease Management Program, led by our Physician Ownership Group, puts the resident’s well being in greater focus. The program allows each resident and their plan of care to receive the extra attention needed to achieve optimal care. 


  • Regular Review of Data – Daily vital sign data for each resident is uploaded into our Medical Administration Records (MAR) system. Overview reports are generated for review by our Physician Ownership Team allowing them to see trends related to the well being of our residents. 
  • Advanced Monitoring Technology – Use of cutting edge monitoring technology when appropriate provides our Physician Ownership Team with greater insight into the well being of each resident.
  • Resident Care Review Meetings – Regularly scheduled meetings between our house managers and our Physician Ownership Team allows for discussion about the well being of each resident. These discussions result in guidance and suggestions aimed at continually improving the care and comfort of our residents, all based on their individual needs.
  • Care Coordinated with the Entire Support Team – All relevant guidance for care improvement is shared with the visiting primary physician to ensure our residents receive well-coordinated care from their entire support team at MD Senior Living. 

Operational Oversight by our Physician Ownership Group


Our operational team at MD Senior Living benefits from the oversight of our Physician Ownership Team. As owners, they care deeply about the level of care provided in our care homes, and they are committed to creating excellence in the quality of the operation and the quality of care provided, largely based on their training and experience as physicians. 


At MD Senior Living, our residents deserve the best in care and comfort. With the added oversight from our Physician Ownership Team, you can have the confidence that your loved one is receiving our highest commitment to excellence in care.

A medical expert assisting senior taking her medicine

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