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Tag: Assisted Living North Scottsdale AZ

Assisted Living North Scottsdale, AZ: Making New Friends

Fostering Friendships in Assisted Living: Staff Encouragement

A majority of Americans tend to describe themselves as ‘introverted,’ meaning they are drawn inward, especially in unfamiliar circumstances or in new environments.
Assisted Living North Scottsdale, AZ: Seniors and Safety

Respite Care: Ease Mom’s Concerns and Enhance Elderly Safety

Since your mother is worried about her safety, you are, too. That’s why assisted living may be a topic you’re considering once again.
Assisted Living North Scottsdale, AZ: Different Levels of Care

The Different Levels of Senior Care in Assisted Living Facility

It seems as though people make assumptions when it comes to various types of elder care, that aging men and women are all treated the same.
Assisted Living North Scottsdale, AZ: Interest in Assisted Living

How to Gauge Mom’s Interest in Assisted Living (While She Depends on You at Home)

A lot of people worry about how their loved one will respond when they bring up the topic of something like assisted living.

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