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Concerns Or Problems In An Assisted Living Facility

Assisted Living Facility Senior Living

How To Address Concerns or Problems in an Assisted Living Facility

An assisted living facility can be a godsend for seniors and their families by providing various services to help seniors with their daily activities while preserving their independence. However, family members must stay proactive about any problems or concerns that arise for a loved one in assisted living.

At MD Senior Living, we offer high-end assisted living in Scottsdale, AZ. Providing multiple levels of care and a variety of daily activities that take full advantage of our facilities’ proximity to everything that Scottsdale has to offer, we are proud to take care of your family member in assisted living near you. That’s why we’ve compiled this guide to addressing problems that might arise in an assisted living facility.

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Be Vigilant and Catch Problems Early

If you suspect an issue with your loved one’s care in an assisted living facility, your first step should be to document the issue and bring it to the attention of the facility’s staff. Write down details of any conversations, make copies of any relevant written communication, and take photos if necessary.

In all cases, bringing the problem to the facility supervisor’s attention promptly is the first step to resolving it. Keep in mind that you and the assisted living facility have a common goal, which is your loved one’s health and happiness in their activities of daily living. Unless there’s deliberate malfeasance from staff involved, you’re all on the same side.

Open Lines of Communication With Staff

Your first point of contact for an administrative problem probably won’t be the same as the person you talk to about your loved one’s care. Either way, it pays to be aware of the avenues your loved one’s assisted living facility offers for resolving problems in-house.

Some issues with assisted living are straightforward to deal with. You may need to change your loved one’s level of care or ask the housekeeping staff to clean the carpet in their room more often. The more time you spend visiting your loved one, the better equipped you will be to find these issues and resolve them before they become serious.

If filing a concern or complaint, you should be clear and specific. Names, dates, and other evidence are key. You don’t need to be confrontational about it, however: It’s best to begin by approaching the problem as allies in your loved one’s care.

Go Up the Chain of Command If Necessary

If addressing the immediate source of the problem doesn’t provide a resolution, you may need to escalate your concerns. Keep in mind that each of these steps takes time, and you may not see immediate policy changes or other sweeping reforms unless the concern is vitally affecting the resident’s health and safety (in which case, it needs urgent attention). If you make suggestions that the facility does some things differently, look for progress, not instant changes.

Your loved one’s assisted living facility should have a head administrator or executive director. Bring your concern to that person. Depending on the facility, you may need to schedule an appointment for a face-to-face meeting.

If the facility’s executive director doesn’t resolve your problem, look to the company that owns the facility. With small, independent facilities, this might not be possible, but in many cases, a facility has a parent company, which provides avenues for filing complaints.

If the assisted living facility and its parent company don’t resolve your complaint, your next resort is to escalate the issue to a state-level regulatory agency. Each state has specific procedures for this, but your regulatory point of contact will be part of the state’s Department of Public Health.

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When it comes to long-term care, you and your senior loved ones have many options. At MD Senior Living, we’re proud to provide comprehensive care for the seniors of Scottsdale and Phoenix. From 24/7 care to pet and music therapy, we give your loved ones our best—every day.

To find out more about the services we offer, to learn about making friends in an assisted living facility, or to schedule a tour, please contact us at MD Senior Living online or give us a call at (480) 605-4002.


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