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Seniors Who Rely on Overnight Care at Assisted Living Often Have a More Positive Outlook on Life

Assisted Living Scottsdale, AZ: Overnight Care and Seniors

Being positive is a goal of most people. Few individuals honestly prefer to have a negative mindset, but for some seniors, it becomes difficult to remain hopeful or positive in many settings. As March is Optimism Month, there’s a way for aging men and women (who may have some challenges with their health or physical abilities) to be more optimistic about their days, and their future. It’s called assisted living respite services.

Assisted living remains one of the best elder care options available for aging seniors, but too many simply don’t know what it offers, what it’s truly about, and equate it with other types of senior care.


Yes, some assisted living facilities provide overnight stay options.

Assisted Living Scottsdale, AZ: Overnight Care and Seniors
Assisted Living Scottsdale, AZ: Overnight Care and Seniors

This is often quite the surprise to many seniors (and their family members). They assume that, in order to take advantage of assisted living, they have to make a permanent, full-time commitment.

Not always. While each assisted living facility is different, there are at least a few that offer aging seniors the option for respite care. This could mean staying for a few days during the week, a couple of weeks at a time, or even overnight.


What benefits could a senior gain from overnight care?

When an aging senior requires some level of assistance at home, they might be able to receive it from their spouse, another roommate if they share the house with somebody else, or even an adult child or their family, if they have moved in with them.

Still, most of the time those people who may live with the aging senior are unlikely to be available during the overnight hours. What if that senior has to get up and use the bathroom, but has difficulty maintaining their balance? What if they’re not steady on their feet?

What if it’s during those overnight hours when they and their loved ones work the most?

Most pressing, for the seniors who live alone, not only do they worry about their own safety when they begin losing strength and balance, but their loved ones do as well. Overnight stays at assisted living provide a wonderful benefit because it allows these seniors to enjoy the benefits of having experienced staff members ready to assist, if needed, any time during the night.

They also get to return home in the morning, where they might feel more comfortable, at least at the time. Many people don’t consider assisted living because they have such misconceptions about it, but when they visit and enjoy the benefits of respite services, they can see what the facility looks like, get to know some of the other residents, make friends and new connections, and begin to break down those barriers that have kept them from considering it in the first place.

This doesn’t mean everyone who utilizes those overnight stay options at select assisted living communities will choose this permanently for their future, but it is a great way to offer peace of mind, safety, and security during those nighttime hours when family and friends are tucked in safe and sound.

If you or an aging loved-one is considering a move to Assisted Living in Scottsdale, AZ please contact the caring staff at MD Senior Living today. 480-267-9200


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