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Some Services an Assisted Living Facility May Provide to Residents

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As we may state often, it is important — critical, even — not to conflate all assisted living facilities in the same way. That means while one assisted living facility may offer certain options, benefits, or services, that doesn’t mean they all do.

Why is this important to keep in mind? Because there are far too many myths and misconceptions about what assisted living is, what it does, and even the benefits it may offer aging men and women. If a person makes assumptions about the services they or their aging parent or other loved one should receive because they saw online that one facility offered them, but they chose a different place closer to home and it didn’t have any of those benefits, they could end up disparaging the entire assisted living community as a whole.

That would not provide any benefit to other elderly men and women who may hear about their poor experience. Yet, that poor experience was based on misunderstanding and misconceptions rather than quality of services.

What are some services that some assisted living entities may provide?

Assisted Living Cave Creek, AZ: Services Offered

A quality assisted living community may offer their residents an optometrist. That means an optometrist may come in to provide eye exams and other eye care services to residents at that specific assisted living facility on a regular basis. It may even be provided on a per diem situation, meaning when an aging resident requires care, the community administrators may arrange the appointment and transportation for that resident to visit a specific optometrist in the area.

It could also mean that an assisted living facility has a small optometry center on campus so residents can simply leave the room, stroll down the halls and corridors, and visit the eye care professional directly.

Another service may include dentistry. Seniors will often need regular eye exams as well as dental work, even if they are relying on dentures now exclusively.

Geriatric services are going to be common for people of advancing years. For residents who will regularly need some type of direct medical care or dental work or checkups, eye exams, or may face certain issues in the future, having them provided on campus, through or by the assisted living facility directly, can be a tremendous benefit that is often overlooked.

How might these types of services make it better for some elderly residents?

Instead of having to arrange for transportation to get to a doctor’s appointment, follow-up care, and then back home, if the assisted living facility provides these services directly, it takes a lot of the hard work and guesswork out of enjoying life during these Golden years.

Many residents who enjoy these types of benefits from their assisted living facility are grateful for what they get. As people age, there is an increasing likelihood they will need all of these types of services, and more.

Instead of being home alone, struggling to find a way to get to these appointments, get back home, and perhaps recover for several hours, days, or even weeks after a procedure, they can rest assured knowing that they are in good hands, surrounded by caring individuals at their assisted living home.

If you or an aging loved-one is considering a move to Assisted Living in Cave Creek, AZ please contact the caring staff at MD Senior Living today. 480-267-9200


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