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Tag: Assisted Living Cave Creek AZ

retirement homes in scottsdale

Understanding Retirement Homes Cost in Scottsdale by MD Senior Living

Are you in search of the perfect retirement home in Scottsdale? Look no further because MD Senior Living is here to redefine your golden years. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the intricate details of understanding retirement homes' costs…
Assisted Living Cave Creek, AZ: Settling Into Assisted Living

A Few Ideas to Help Your Loved One Settle in to Assisted Living

For an aging loved one who has chosen assisted living, even if they were enthusiastic and excited about the idea, it might take time for them to adjust.
Assisted Living Cave Creek, AZ: Seniors and Falls senior safety

How Serious Are Falls and How Might Assisted Living Reduce Those Risks for Seniors?

Did you know that about one-third of all seniors slip and fall at least once a year? As people get older, the risk of falling increases.
Assisted Living Cave Creek, AZ: Medical Care and Assisted Living

How Much ‘Medical Care’ Could a Senior Receive at Assisted Living?

If you are a senior, you might be considering assisted living. It is a wonderful option, but what if you have certain medical needs that aren’t being met at home?
a nurse assisting the senior to get in the car

Some Services an Assisted Living Facility May Provide to Residents

As we may state often, it is important — critical, even — not to conflate all assisted living facilities in the same way. That means while one assisted living facility may offer certain options, benefits, or services, that doesn’t mean…
big couch in a spacious living room

What Three Things Could You Do to Make a New Assisted Living Room Feel Like Home?

Moving from a house, apartment, townhome, or other domicile to assisted living can certainly be a wonderful elder care option. This is especially true for those who are dealing with physical challenges, mobility limitations, or who are struggling with chronic…
a senior happily looking at the doctor

Three Ways a Senior Can Make Their New Assisted Living Room ‘Home’

Making any new place feel more like home takes a personal touch. It requires an individual to have the desire to make it feel like ‘home.’ For a senior who is moving to assisted living, it may feel as though…
a senior man and his daughter

Sometimes ‘Staying Put’ Is the Wrong Decision for a Senior, Especially with Quality Assisted Living Ready to Help

Jamie had long been a fiercely independent person. Even when he and his wife Heather were having some struggles in their later years, he didn’t turn to his adult children or even friends for help. He tried to do things…
senior woman happily sitting in the sand

Getting Outdoors Can Do Wonders for the Mind, Body, and Spirit at Assisted Living

The weather is warming up. People are finally getting out and about again. Summer is in full swing. June is a wonderful time of year for people of all ages, including seniors. Some people believe that when an elderly person…

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