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Summer Activities for Seniors in a Scottsdale Assisted Living Community

Summer in a Scottsdale assisted living community can be lots of fun! The area has much to see and do. There is a reason that so many retirees move here. The community is home to over 38,270 residents who are over age 65. The warm temperatures and sunshine rank high among the reasons why older adults choose to call Scottsdale home.

Elderly people who have medical conditions or mobility limitations can still enjoy what the community has to offer. Assisted living helps seniors stay healthy so they can see and do more. Combine the benefits of senior living with the appeal of Arizona, and it’s a paradise for older adults.

What can you or your loved one do this summer while living in a Scottsdale assisted living community like MD Senior Living?

Discover the “World’s Finest Golf Destination” in Scottsdale

Seniors who love golfing will really appreciate life in Scottsdale, Arizona. The area is known as the “World’s Finest Golf Destination.” It’s easy to see why when you take in the views from the local courses. Some of the most scenic golf courses in the area include:

  • Grayhawk Golf Club

Grayhawk Golf Club includes the Talon and Raptor courses. Talon’s tee area features a swinging bridge with a challenging box canyon and two-tiered green. The Raptor course offers a more traditional challenge with deep greenside bunkers and generous fairways.

  • Troon North Golf Club

Troon North Golf Club has Pinnacle Course, which is often called the “McDowell Vista.” Players can test their skill with a boulder-framed bunker and views of a tall saguaro.

  • Quintero Golf Club

The Quintero Golf Club is not for those with a fear of heights. The par-3 includes a 90-foot drop from the 212-yard back tee to the green.

Explore the Beauty of the Sonoran Desert and McDowell Mountains

Adventurous seniors who love hiking and exploring will really enjoy the natural beauty of Scottsdale. Over 100 scenic trails run through the area. Some of the most popular hiking spots include:

  • Scottsdale Preserve’s Bajada Nature Trail

The Bajada Nature Trail is considered a good starting point for people who want to explore the Sonoran Desert. It is considered a good choice for people with mobility challenges.

Bajada Nature Trail is one of the easiest hikes you can do in the area, with a half mile loop and minimal elevation gain. The trail has a hard, smooth surface that’s ideal for wheelchairs. A stroll along this trail awards hikers with stunning views of McDowell Mountain. Signs along the trail share information on local topography, geology, flora, and fauna.

  • McDowell Sonoran Preserve’s Gateway Loop Trail

Seniors who want to enjoy Mother Nature and some peace and quiet will love the Gateway Loop Trail. It’s found away from the noise of the city. It’s a 4.5-mile trek with 655 feet in elevation gain, making it a leisurely hike. The trail loops around so you end up back where you started.

  • McDowell Mountain Regional Park Scenic Trail

McDowell Mountain Regional Park’s Scenic Trail is a beautiful nature walk that doesn’t include too much elevation gain. This path provides views of the Superstition Mountains and Verde River. It’s a great choice for hiking during the spring when the wildflowers come into full bloom.

The entire Scenic Trail spans 7 miles, so it isn’t a short walk but it’s also easier than the more challenging trails around Scottsdale. The Scenic Trail can be found near the Fort McDowell Yavapai Nation.

Mobility limitations and health problems can impact a senior’s ability to hike. Make sure you choose a trail that is suitable for you and take all safety precautions. Always hike with someone else in case of emergencies.

Activities and Social Opportunities at Scottsdale Senior Centers

Senior centers are a great place to start looking for things to do this summer. Scottsdale is home to the Granite Reef Senior Center, which is also the city’s first LEED Certified Green Building. It is 37,500 square feet and features a sustainable design.

Elderly adults in the area can visit and participate in activities inside the 13 multi-purpose rooms with spaces dedicated to dance, art, leisure, and fitness. Rental space is also available when planning events or gatherings that might be too large to be held in an assisted living room.

Check Your Scottsdale Assisted Living Summer Events Calendar

Your Scottsdale assisted living community will have its own list of upcoming events and activities. This is a great place to start when you’re looking for something to do.

Families who are moving a parent with dementia to assisted living should also ask about the facility’s calendar. These activities enrich the lives of seniors, especially those that may struggle to socialize on their own. They encourage interaction and a more active lifestyle, which is good for mental and physical health.

Many senior living communities offer a variety of things to do, including:

  • Craft sessions
  • Book clubs
  • Movie nights
  • Fitness groups
  • Picnics and Dinner parties
  • Holiday parties
  • Birthday celebrations
  • Classes and education
  • Festivals
  • Charity fundraisers

Whether you love to spend time outdoors or prefer to stay cool indoors, there’s plenty for seniors to do in Scottsdale, Arizona this summer.


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