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Category: Social Seniors

Senior Social Wellness

Social Wellness for Seniors by MD Senior Living

Before we investigate the importance of social wellness for seniors, it's vital to understand what it means. Social wellness is one of the seven dimensions of wellness that contribute to health, happiness, and overall quality of life. The aspect of…
senior activities
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The Benefits Of Social Activities For Seniors’ Well-being

Activities profoundly impact seniors' well-being, especially regarding social interactions and engagement. At The Chateaux Assisted Living by MD Senior Living in Phoenix, AZ, we understand the importance of fostering a vibrant community where seniors can connect, participate in group activities,…
taking care of elderly parents
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Communication Strategies For Taking Care Of Elderly Parents

  There's no denying that effective communication is crucial when it comes to taking care of elderly parents. At Central Scottsdale Assisted Living by MD Senior Living, we understand the importance of clear and respectful communication in ensuring the well-being…

Summer Activities for Seniors in a Scottsdale Assisted Living Community

Summer in a Scottsdale assisted living community can be lots of fun! The area has much to see and do. There is a reason that so many retirees move here. The community is home to over 38,270 residents who are…
Assisted Living DC Ranch, AZ: Social Seniors

5 Reasons Seniors Should Maintain an Active Social Life

There are numerous reasons why elderly men and women should maintain an active social life, which is exactly what a quality assisted living community can offer.
Elder Care North Scottsdale, AZ: Dancing and Seniors

Understanding Why Dancing Is Good for Seniors

Dancing can be a fun way to get the blood flowing and a good way to get moving for seniors.
Assisted Living Phoenix, AZ: Activities and Seniors

Three Activities Many Seniors at Assisted Living Truly Enjoy

It’s easy to assume when the topic of elder care comes up that this is the beginning of the end, but quality of life can actually improve for many seniors when they choose assisted living.
Assisted Living in Troon North, AZ: National Card and Letter Writing Month

How Can Writing Cards or Letters Be Helpful for Seniors at Assisted Living?

April is National Card and Letter Writing Month and for seniors who have chosen assisted living as their premier elder care option, there are numerous benefits to this once common activity.
a senior couple with their son and daughter-in-law and their grandchildren

Bust Stress by Treating Your Mom to a Fun Day Out

The weathers had you and your mom stuck inside for days or weeks. Seasonal allergies have had one of you feeling tired and cranky. It could simply be you haven't had a break in so long that you feel overwhelmed.…
two senior women having their tea in the yard

The People You Meet at Assisted Living Could Become Some of the Best Friends You’ve Ever Had

Mary wasn’t the kind of person who liked to mingle. She was an introvert. Socially awkward, by her own admission. She struggled to meet new people and any time she was forced to attend a gathering where she didn’t know…

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