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If Mom Requires Many Medications and You’re Constantly Stressed, Assisted Living Is a Safer Alternative

Assisted Living Troon North, AZ: Seniors and Medications

The older Americans get, the more medications they seem to take. That’s not necessarily a negative thing, because medications provide comfort, relief, and are even part of an important treatment options. However, if you’re taking care of your elderly mother, acting as her primary caregiver, and she has a large regimen of prescription medications — pills, liquid form, IVs, or other types — it can feel overwhelming.

In fact, it can be downright dangerous. Why?

Because, as you’re rushing around to get everything done, run errands for her, get her to doctors’ appointments, struggling to focus on your job, raising children of your own, or the other numerous responsibilities you already have, it’s easy to overlook one small thing.

Mistakes happen, but that isn’t going to make you feel better if something tragic occurs because of a missed medication or because certain medications were combined that should never have been combined at the same time. How many times have you tried to remember when you took your last pill (even if it was simply ibuprofen) and assumed everything was okay, that it was fine to take the next dose?

Most of the time this may not be a problem, but it can be, and that’s why assisted living is so valuable to consider.


Assisted living can be the gatekeepers for safety.

Assisted Living Troon North, AZ: Seniors and Medications
Assisted Living Troon North, AZ: Seniors and Medications

It’s easy to discount the value assisted living can offer aging men and women, but there are so many benefits to choosing this elder care option for one’s future.

Not only would your mother be surrounded by peers her own age, take part in activities and entertainment, and be surrounded by experienced staff members who can support her when and if she requires it, but there will be those same experienced staff members trained and certified to administer medications and who have excellent methods of monitoring everything going on with each resident at all times.


Is this the only reason to choose assisted living?

When it comes to elder care, there are many options aging men and women can choose from, but assisted living is one of the best, and it’s not just because those wonderful staff members provide exceptional support, even for those seniors who require a significant array of medications daily.

Your mother may find more enjoyment in life at assisted living, especially if she is alone and doesn’t have many visitors or friends stopping by very often.

Many family caregivers are in their mid to late 40s or 50s, career oriented, and have many other responsibilities to carry out each day. They are overwhelmed. You probably feel the same way, too.

Not every assisted living community is going to offer it, but a growing number provide respite care options that could be just what your mother needs to realize the value in this elder care option.

Respite care essentially means a break, some time away from home or — for you — time away from the responsibilities of looking after your mother. Look into respite care and both you and your mother will likely realize that yes, assisted living can be a safer option, but it opens up many other pathways to a higher quality of life.

If you or an aging loved-one is considering a move to Assisted Living in Troon North, AZ please contact the caring staff at MD Senior Living today. 480-267-9200


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