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Annalisa LaJeunesse

Operational Director
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Brian Newton

Assistant Manager of Operations


Assisted Living Cave Creek, AZ: Settling Into Assisted Living

A Few Ideas to Help Your Loved One Settle in to Assisted Living

For an aging loved one who has chosen assisted living, even if they were enthusiastic and excited about the idea, it might take time for them to adjust.
Assisted Living Phoenix, AZ: Respite Care

How Soon Do You Need to Plan on Respite Care (If Available) for Assisted Living Over the Holidays?

With the holiday season fast approaching, many loved ones supporting an aging parent, spouse, or other family member might start wondering when they need to make plans, especially if they’re traveling.
Moving into Assisted Living

How to Transition to an Assisted Living Community

Essential Tips for Assisted Living Transition Making the transition to an assisted living community can be an intimidating process for some seniors. It is difficult to leave the home you know and likely have spent years making memories in. There…
Assisted Living Central Scottsdale, AZ: Seniors and Privacy

A Common Concern Among Seniors When It Comes to Assisted Living Is Privacy

For seniors, when they start thinking about assisted living as an elder care choice, they might not know very much about it.
Assisted Living North Scottsdale, AZ: Making New Friends

Fostering Friendships in Assisted Living: Staff Encouragement

A majority of Americans tend to describe themselves as ‘introverted,’ meaning they are drawn inward, especially in unfamiliar circumstances or in new environments.
Elderly Care In MD Senior Living

Elder care signs for seniors needing assistance

Four Signs That an Elderly Person Can’t Live Alone Our parents and grandparents cared for us as children, and it’s natural to want to return the favor as our loved one's age. However, being responsible for the well-being of an…
Assisted Living Scottsdale, AZ: Benefits of Assisted Living

Seniors Assisted Living: Better Than Struggling Alone for Elderly

Even before you may feel it’s necessary at that stage in your life, consider assisted living because, before you start struggling with all these things by yourself, you may be able to find the best support possible.
Assisted Living Fountain Hills, AZ: Assisted Living and Activities

Some Activities Seniors May Enjoy, Depending on the Assisted Living Facility They Choose

When it comes to elder care, not every assisted living facility is the same. Some will have basic amenities while others will be more luxurious.
Senior Health

8 Things Seniors Can Do to Take Control of Their Health and Wellness

8 Things Seniors Can Do to Take Control of Their Health and Wellness Health and wellness are important at any age, especially during your golden years. The older we get, the higher the risk of many health conditions becomes. Elderly…
Assisted Living DC Ranch, AZ: Social Seniors

5 Reasons Seniors Should Maintain an Active Social Life

There are numerous reasons why elderly men and women should maintain an active social life, which is exactly what a quality assisted living community can offer.

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