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Three Reasons Seniors Tend to Be Healthier at Assisted Living Rather Than Alone

group of senior doing their yoga with their yoga coach

You may immediately assume that assisted living should be a last resort for an aging loved one, like your mother or father, grandmother or grandfather, but is that really the case? Many people simply have the wrong idea about what assisted living is and what it offers.

It’s easy to overlook just how beneficial assisted living can be, but the more you look into a quality facility, you will start to understand why seniors tend to actually be healthier (mentally and physically) at assisted living.

We outline just a few of the reasons why this could very well be the case, and why you should sit down and discuss this option with an aging parent or other loved one.

Reason #1: Seniors have opportunities to stay engaged.

In life, that is. Being withdrawn, wanting to give up, or hiding out in your room isn’t going to offer a great emotional benefit. But having friends, staff, and others enticing you to get out and connect on a personal level and taking part in various entertainment options or activities is a wonderful way to help someone stay (and feel) more connected.

That connection taps into our nature, our human nature. We were designed to be with others and when we have that engagement with others, it can lift us up emotionally, which has a direct impact on our physical wellness, too.

Reason #2: Better dining options.

Not all assisted living communities are the same, so it’s important not to conflate one with others, but for the most part, today’s average assisted living facility will have decent dining options for elderly residents.

This usually equates to healthier food choices, which tends to improve overall health. While a senior may not eat healthy at home, especially when living alone, they can enjoy healthier meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or any combination of two or three.

Reason #3: Exercise options.

Again, not all assisted living communities offer the same benefits, but there is usually somewhere safe that elderly residents can get some much-needed exercise.

Just walking down a broad corridor with hand rails or strolling along carefully manicured and maintained grounds can offer wonderful exercise options. But that’s not all.

Some assisted living facilities offer fitness rooms with decent exercise equipment. That’s a wonderful way for aging men and women to get or stay healthier than they likely would at home.

In short, assisted living offers many options that can help seniors be healthier, but they have to take that first step and look into it for themselves.

If you or an aging loved-one is considering a move to Assisted Living in Scottsdale, AZ please contact the caring staff at MD Senior Living today. 480-267-9200.


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