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Three Ways a Senior Can Make Their New Assisted Living Room ‘Home’

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Making any new place feel more like home takes a personal touch. It requires an individual to have the desire to make it feel like ‘home.’ For a senior who is moving to assisted living, it may feel as though they are giving up so much of their past life, as though this is the beginning of the end.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Assisted living is a wonderful elder care option for aging men and women. However, even for somebody who recognizes the value in assisted living, that doesn’t mean it’s going to feel very much like home, at least for the first weeks or months.

Some seniors struggle for years to make a place like assisted living feel like home. Yet, those same people often thought they were only there temporarily, that this was transitory. They didn’t want to get settled or make their room feel more homey or comfortable because that would mean resigning to the fact they would be there for a while.

It’s not a bad thing, being at assisted living. An overwhelming majority of aging seniors understand this because they have been at assisted living for a long time. Now, how can you make a small assisted living room feel more like home? Let’s look at a few pointers.

1. Add pictures.

Assisted Living Cave Creek, AZ: Making a Home

Each assisted living facility is going to have its own regulations and requirements on what a resident can do, what kind of things they can hang or put up, but even if one doesn’t allow pictures to be nailed on the wall, you can grab some frames and put them on shelves, the dresser, and other pieces of furniture.

There’s no reason why you can’t have pictures all around your room. Even if you can’t permanently affix a framed picture to the wall, why not tape something there? You see, when you add pictures of your family, places you’ve visited, and more, it can immediately help that room feel like your old home.

2. Use lighting to your preferences.

You may have fluorescent lights in the ceiling. Or perhaps track lighting or recessed lighting. However, you don’t have to only use that.

A lamp on a nightstand, a standing lamp, and more can all provide the kind of ambiance you feel most comfortable being surrounded by. Use lighting that best suits your preferences.

This can help you feel more at home relatively quickly. Instead of bright, fluorescent lights shining down on you in the morning or evening just so you can read in bed, a softer light might be the perfect complement to your new room.

3. Connect with other residents.

The best way to make any place feel like home is to connect with your neighbors. These neighbors are your fellow residents, peers your own age.

That means you’ll have to get outside your room, perhaps leave your door open when you’re in their as an invitation for people to simply say hi as they walk by.

When you make connections with other residents, that assisted living room is going to feel more like home.

If you or an aging loved-one is considering a move to Assisted Living in Cave Creek, AZ please contact the caring staff at MD Senior Living today. 480-267-9200


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