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Getting Outdoors Can Do Wonders for the Mind, Body, and Spirit at Assisted Living

senior woman happily sitting in the sand

The weather is warming up. People are finally getting out and about again. Summer is in full swing. June is a wonderful time of year for people of all ages, including seniors. Some people believe that when an elderly person moves into assisted living, that’s basically the end.

Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, a quality assisted living community provides residents an opportunity to maintain a higher quality of life, get out and explore more, and just live.

June is Great Outdoors Month and there are many benefits to getting outside in the warmer weather, regardless of age.

It can invigorate the mind.

Assisted Living Cave Creek, AZ: Seniors and Getting Outdoors

One of the reasons why depression and depressive symptoms increase during the winter months, especially in the northern regions of the country, is because people tend to be locked up when the snow is flying.

Getting outside and being exposed to sunlight, fresh air, and nature is a great spiritually uplifting experience. Many people simply enjoy listening to the birds chirp, watch squirrels and chipmunks scurry about, or even witness families spending quality time together outside.

The same is true for people of advancing years. Getting outdoors has a great ability to invigorate the mind and spirit and help a person feel refreshed, especially after a long, difficult winter and extremely taxing spring.

It can help heal the body.

No, this isn’t about some metaphysical healing, but real, genuine benefits. Vitamin D comes from the sunlight. The more exposure a person has to sunlight, the more it can help their body get stronger and grab some of those essential nutrients from the outdoors.

Of course, the elderly may need to take extra precautions to remain safe when going outside, including wearing wraparound sunglasses, protective headgear, and limit direct exposure to the sun, but just a little bit can be a valuable benefit to the body.

It can mean activity.

Just going for a casual stroll around the grounds at an assisted living community can help to elevate the heart rate. That little bit of exercise may be just enough to strengthen the heart.

The heart is like any other muscle in the body and it needs exercise. By going for a simple stroll around the grounds, an aging senior at assisted living can help strengthen their body and their heart.

These are just a few simple reasons why getting outside is beneficial for people of advancing years. At a quality assisted living community, this should not only be possible but encouraged, at least for those who can do so safely.

If you or an aging loved-one is considering a move to Assisted Living in Cave Creek, AZ please contact the caring staff at MD Senior Living today. 480-267-9200


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